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Full Speed or Nothing Productions

Full Speed or Nothing (Vinyl Album) by Tales of Dhvaras

Full Speed or Nothing (Vinyl Album) by Tales of Dhvaras

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The first full length vinyl album "Full Speed or Nothing" by the Norwegian metal band, Tales of Dhvaras, is available to buy now via the band operated record label shop, or it may be picked up physically at Neseblod Records at Schweigaards gate 56 in Oslo if you want to save the shipping costs.

This limited edition LP numbered by hand is shipped from Norway and it includes background details and lyrics. It comes in a raw design made with recycled packaging and -vinyl material (in the deepest respect for the forest granting us skogsrock-riffs on this album, some even conceived in the golden age of the nineties). 

The charcoal drawing on the front cover sketched by the songwriter visualises the songs of the album, and you may request a personal signature on the artwork via our chat before it ships to your home.
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"An old new Norwegian band is out with their debut album, and this was sure as hell good for me. It's always fun when new and undescribed leaves appear, but especially fun when it evokes so many nostalgic feelings. We are back in the early nineties and in the genre that makes people travel from all over the world to take pictures in a brick cellar in Oslo. The soundscape is old, but has a sound that makes me think in the direction of the songs that have made Dold Vorde Ens Navn one of today's most exciting bands. I think this album has the most, and I find a lot of entertainment in the many and varied moods of the material. The soundscape varies from acoustic guitars to thrash-based riffs and wonderful angry vocals. The album has no bad songs, but I simply have to mention the song "Geiranger". It is an epic musical journey in a Norwegian landscape. In short, you should check this one out."

Issue #276 (May 2023), Scream Magazine Norway: Score 5 out of 6

Scream Magazine NorwayAlbum Review by Scream Magazine Norway: 5 out of 6

Album reviews (15.06.2023) Musikknyheter: Score 9 out of 10 

Musikknyheter review - 9 out of 10

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